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Do Positive Parenting Methods Work?

Positive parenting (also called Positive Guidance or Positive Discipline) is a parenting method and a belief that kids should be raised through positive and loving encouragement,resisting all temptations to be punitive or to punish kids with fear, shame, any form of violence etc. Does Positive Parenting work? Yes. Studies suggest...
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5 things parents should never say to kids

Good parent-child communication is a cornerstone of successful parenting. Although it’s true we best learn life’s greatest lessons through experience – good parenting advice is very helpful. Just like with anything else, knowledge is power when it comes to improving parent-child relationships. We all want the best for our children,...
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Are active Kids less depressed?

Studies show that physically active kids are less likely to be depressed. Active kids may be happier kids. Physical exercise provides well-known benefits against obesity, heart disease and diabetes, but a new study by University College London confirms that kids who are regularly physically active suffer less from depression. Exercising three times...
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Activities for kids: 5 fun Family Olympics game ideas

If you’re about to host a birthday party, family reunion or a barbecue bash – you’re probably wondering how to keep all guests entertained, especially if lot of them are kids. If you’re searching to find good activities for kids to get them all involved, cooperating, playing as a team,...
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Healthy living: 5 fun and easy ways to be an active family

Busy schedule, work, school, other obligations…Although we understand the abundant benefits of physical activity on our health, according to CDC’s statistics, only 20% of us meet recommended physical activity guidelines and actually find time for some of the many ways to be an active family. If parents practice a sedentary lifestyle, kids...
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