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Teaching Your Child Patience

One of the best and hardest things about raising children is trying to sculpt their minds and hearts into ones that will make their worlds better. Patience is one of the virtues we certainly want to instill in our young ones, but how can we do that? 1. Show them...
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What To Do When Your Child Gets Bad Grades

It happens to everyone – a child just cannot understand the material, they underestimate how much studying they need to do, or they just have a bad day at a bad time. When your child brings home bad grades, they are in a very vulnerable place that you can use...
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Giving Your Child Growth-Centered Feedback

A huge part of parenting is giving our children feedback about their behavior. We want to encourage them when they are kind, responsible, and patient. We want to teach them to not be rude, mean, or whiny. We want to teach our children the difference between right and wrong, and...
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Keep Your Child Playing Outside

One of the big markers of the latest generation is they do not play outside nearly as much as their predecessors. While there is nothing wrong with the tech that tends to keep them wanting to play inside, losing all of that time playing in the yard or down the...
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