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Social Media and Your Teen’s Body Image

Social media has changed so much in the last decade. People are reconnecting with high school friends on Facebook, keeping up with the daily activities of friends on Twitter, and sharing the story of their lives through images on Instagram. Social media has given us a lot of beauty, but...
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Teaching Your Child About Internet Privacy

The internet is a beautiful thing that allows people to share their lives, but sometimes we find they are shared with the wrong people. How can we allow our children to connect with friends online, but not share too much too soon? Here are three easy ways to teach your...
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Teaching Your Child About Generosity

When we are teaching children about how to be Godly people, one of the easiest virtues to gloss over is generosity. Of course, we all know we are supposed to give to the poor and needy, but it is such a given that we do not always think about teaching...
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