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How To Create A Healthy Self-Image In Your Children

Healthy Self-Image in Children The Cleveland Clinic describes self-image as “the personal view, or mental picture, we have of ourselves.” If we are all honest with ourselves, we probably do not have a very positive mental picture of ourselves. Whether it is our weight, hair color, eye color, height, or...
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Healthy body image – helping kids appreciate their looks

When someone accepts, appreciates, and has a positive opinion about their body and appearance, we say that person has a healthy body image. The way we think, feel, and generally form opinions about our own bodies develops through time and may depend on many things: experience and self-esteem, influence of...
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Children and negative body image – problem of modern living

Over the last few decades, an unhealthy and excessive preoccupation with body image among teens has become serious issue. 10 year olds refusing food because they want to diet, viewing their peers only in terms of physical appearance, frequently commenting on other people’s weight, falling into depression because they don’t look the way...
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