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Teaching Your Child Healthy Electronic Use

Is playing outside or with toys a rare occurrence in your household? Do your children seem to care about watching shows, texting, or gaming over anything else? The use of electronics like computers, cell phones, and video games barely had to be considered a generation ago, and now electronic devices nearly dominate...
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Top Rated Internet Safety Programs

Protecting Your Child’s Internet Use Are you worried about your child’s Internet use? We often think about keeping our children safe from the strangers they might meet on the street but what about the strangers they might meet on the Internet? In a recent survey, 42% of children admitted to...
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Teaching Your Children About Internet Safety

Internet Safety for Children The Internet is a great place for children to learn and explore. There are a lot of resources to educate children on a variety of topics they might be interested in. The resources are often interactive and capture children’s attention for hours! Despite the awesome resources...
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