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Teaching Your Child About Internet Privacy

The internet is a beautiful thing that allows people to share their lives, but sometimes we find they are shared with the wrong people. How can we allow our children to connect with friends online, but not share too much too soon? Here are three easy ways to teach your...
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Teaching Your Child About Generosity

When we are teaching children about how to be Godly people, one of the easiest virtues to gloss over is generosity. Of course, we all know we are supposed to give to the poor and needy, but it is such a given that we do not always think about teaching...
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How To Help Your Child With Internet Addiction

Addiction is one of the hardest struggles of many young adult lives, and it has become sneakier than ever before. Now, addiction does not always look like drug dealers or underage drinking, it can look like something as harmless as being on the internet more often than is healthy. Here...
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Giving Your Child Growth-Centered Feedback

A huge part of parenting is giving our children feedback about their behavior. We want to encourage them when they are kind, responsible, and patient. We want to teach them to not be rude, mean, or whiny. We want to teach our children the difference between right and wrong, and...
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Helping Your Child Enjoy Healthy Food

It’s a classic parent-child power struggle to argue over food. “I don’t want to eat that!” “You can have dessert if you will just eat your vegetables first.” There are times, like when they are at school, we have less control over what they eat. That’s why it’s important to...
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Fall Fun for the Whole Family

Fall is coming with all its joys, and that includes fun activities for all ages! Here are a few ideas for what you can do with your children of any age, together as a family or one-on-one, to really enjoy the season. Pumpkin Patches & Apple Orchards Chances are you...
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