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Teaching Trustworthiness To Children

One of the greatest joys of a parent is watching your child mature into a well-rounded adult. What traits do you want to see develop in your children as they grow and mature? Is trustworthiness one of the traits you hope to cultivate in their lives? Let us offer some...
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Watch Your Garden Grow

Do your children know where their vegetables come from? Do they think they come neat and clean from the grocery store produce aisle? Visiting a local farmers market could help teach your children a little more about the origin of their veggies but what about growing them yourselves? The PBS...
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Finding the Real Meaning of Easter

Easter is quickly approaching. Children are looking forward to hunting for eggs and seeing what the Easter Bunny has brought them in their baskets. The pastel colored clothing and sugary candy have greatly overshadowed the real meaning behind why we celebrate Easter. Attending church as a family on Easter Sunday...
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Tips to a Healthy Family: Communication

You have heard it said that communication is the key to any relationship. When you were dating your spouse, you probably talked for hours on end learning more about one another. Girls nights are often spent chatting about the latest happenings in one another’s lives. The foundation to any relationship,...
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“Mommy, can I sleep with you tonight?”

Helping Children Overcome Their Fear of Storms Spring is here and with it comes warmer weather, new buds on the trees, and of course, storms! Spring storms often bring with them loud thunder, hail, and even tornadoes. While a healthy fear of these weather events is necessary to our safety,...
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Just a White Lie?

The 10 Commandments: Lying Teaching your children the importance of the Ten Commandments is so important to their foundation of faith. A common area of disobedience with children, starting when they are very young, is lying. One of the ten commandments addresses this topic specifically: the New International Version of...
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