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Protecting Your Child’s Mental Health

Mental health is all over the media. We hear about anxiety, depression, and a myriad of other mental health problems, but we rarely talk about what can be done before a diagnosis to help people be as mentally and emotionally healthy as possible. Here are three ways to protect your...
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How To Help Your Child With Internet Addiction

Addiction is one of the hardest struggles of many young adult lives, and it has become sneakier than ever before. Now, addiction does not always look like drug dealers or underage drinking, it can look like something as harmless as being on the internet more often than is healthy. Here...
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Test anxiety – How can I successfully overcome it?

Test anxiety is feeling too much tension, nervousness, dread, and worry before taking a test. It’s normal to feel a little anxiety during important decision-making or some other important life events, but too much of it can interfere with our test performance and create insecurity, self depreciating thoughts, or even...
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