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Is My Child at a High-Risk for Addiction?

Possible Indicators for Being at High-Risk for Addiction Are thoughts of whether or not your child could be at risk for drug or alcohol addiction keeping you awake at night? Does your stomach churn when stories of teenagers and young adults air on the local news or are featured in...
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Peer pressure: Helping kids to cope with exclusion and cliques

Negative peer pressure doesn’t necessarily mean your child is being persuaded by “toxic friends” to try cigarettes, beer, or drugs. Quite often, children are excluded by cliques and are left to feel miserable, unworthy of friendship, depressed, and unhappy. Most kids would rather be members of cliques, no matter what it...
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Peer pressure – learning to say no!

It’ s natural and healthy to have friends you can rely on. Having fun together, helping each other, introducing each other to new things, books, music, sports or any other interest you may have. But sometimes friends can push us into doing something we know and feel is wrong. This is...
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