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Just a White Lie?

The 10 Commandments: Lying Teaching your children the importance of the Ten Commandments is so important to their foundation of faith. A common area of disobedience with children, starting when they are very young, is lying. One of the ten commandments addresses this topic specifically: the New International Version of...
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Teaching Children To Have Respect For Elders

Respect for Elders You hear about it all over the news: “The Baby Boomer population is reaching retirement age!” or “The number of Baby Boomers in the US continues to influence the life and culture of Americans!”. These are all true! According to the the US Census Bureau, within the...
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Disrespectful children – How to stop arguing with your child?

These days parenting seems much harder than it was a few decades ago. Many parents say today’s disrespectful children are driving them crazy. Constant fighting, arguing, rudeness, wanting to have the final word in everything, lying and manipulation – parents are frustrated and feel lost about what they should do to create...
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